World’s First Sleep Mask With Brain Stimulation

Can’t sleep? This is for you!

This high-tech sleeping mask was designed for the military so that soldiers could benefit from a full 8-hour rest in just 4 hours.

It uses special Touch Pressure Stimulation technology and advanced light and sound blocking materials to help you go into REM sleep faster and stay in a deep sleep to release high levels of the sleep hormone melatonin.

It’s called Deep Sleep, and it’s now available for everyday people in the US.

Meet The Deep Sleep Mask

The Deep Sleep Mask features unique technology that enhances your brain’s ability to enter deep levels of sleep in minutes. It helps get you into REM sleep faster, which is good for your brain’s memory and learning power. It was designed by a team of former navy seals and Swedish sleep experts and quickly became a powerful tool to get a full night’s rest in just a couple hours!

Comfortable Memory Foam
Touch Pressure Stimulation Technology
Durable Light and Sound-Blocking Material
Deep-Sleep Sound System

How does Deep Sleep work?

The Deep Sleep Mask is super easy to use. Just wear the mask and press the power button to activate the Touch Pressure Stimulation. Together with the comfortable memory foam, Deep Sleep applies a light, gentle weight to your face to promote a deep state of relaxation, which increases the production of the happiness hormone serotonin and the sleep hormone melatonin, giving you the best quality sleep night after night.

Experience Healthy REM Sleep

Deep Sleep is scientifically proven to activate REM sleep faster. During REM sleep, you have very intense brain activity, and you experience very vivid and active dreams, which is good for your brain, memory, and learning abilities. You can experience about 3 to 5 periods of REM sleep each night, and each period lasts about 10 minutes, with the last one going up to an hour.

Experience lucid dreaming

Lucid dreams are when you know that you’re dreaming while you’re asleep. You’re aware that the events flashing through your brain aren’t really happening. But the dream feels very vivid and real. You may even be able to control how the action unfolds, as if you’re directing a movie in your sleep.

Why do I need Deep Sleep?

This kind of device is perfect for ambitious professionals who want to give their brain and body the highest quality of sleep that it needs for peak mental and physical performance. The built-in speakers are perfect for people who like to use them to listen to the soothing sounds of falling rain or ocean waves to fall asleep and others who love to listen to their favorite podcasts and audiobooks while relaxing.

Deep Sleep Features

Deep Sleep is the first and only brand that offers Touch Pressure Stimulation Technology that allows you to enter the deepest levels of sleep almost immediately.

Touch Pressure Stimulation Technology

Deep Sleep has built-in sensors that stimulate your brain, which allows you to enter the deepest levels of sleep almost immediately.

Comfortable Memory Foam

Deep Sleep is made out of comfortable and premium memory foam that applies a light, gentle weight to your face to promote a deep state of relaxation. Deep Sleep also works for side sleepers!

Advanced Light And Sound Blocking

Deep Sleep blocks 100% of environmental light and noise to help you stay in a deep sleep and maintain high levels of the sleep hormone melatonin. Perfectly suited for use during the day as well.

Meditation And Focus Mode

Using Deep Sleep can help you meditate every day, helping you sleep and helping you stay calm easier and faster than ever before.

Peak Mental Performance

With Deep Sleep, you can give your brain and body the highest quality sleep that it needs for peak mental and physical performance.

Sound Implementation

Use Deep Sleep to listen to the soothing sounds of falling rain or ocean waves to fall asleep. Or relax while listening to your favorite music, podcast, or audiobooks!

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Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers are saying about Deep Sleep Mask. Many people from all over the world are already using Deep Sleep Mask’s innovative sleep technology and have shared their experiences with us.


You know how you never factored in where you were gonna live when you go to college, and you end up having to live with 3 people in one bedroom who all have different schedules and like to leave the light on while talking even though you have an 8 am start the very next day? This helps. I connect this to my white noise app and I can finally block out the whispering and the lights every time my roommates open the door. Sweet relief.


This mask is exactly what I was hoping for — an alternative to my AirPods when I’m listening to things as I fall asleep. The eye sockets make it much more comfortable than the other options I was looking at, and the overall connectivity was quick to set up. The fact that you can adjust the straps and the speaker positions within the mask makes it even easier to get the perfect fit. I can fall asleep comfortably even while on my side.


This item has saved my husband’s life! He’s a night owl. I am NOT! Late night TV watching, video games, lights on, midnight snacking, my man’s routine has caused my sleeping routine to fall into complete chaos until this purchase. This has, ultimately, saved both our souls and our relationship. Easy to use, comfortable to fall asleep in. I paired it with my phone and put on a mediation playlist and off to sweet dreams I go. I have yet to use all of the battery life in one night and it blocks out all other sound and light. I am so grateful!


The audio quality for these is superb! The nearly-flat mini speakers adjust easily to fit directly over my ears and produce an awesome sound that blocks out external noises. The eyecups make the mask extremely comfortable, even when lying on my side. I LOVE THESE!


There is so much to be said about this product! First off, I want to say that this sleep mask is far beyond what I expected. Upon arrival, I immediately unboxed and the first aspect I noticed was how incredibly soft the material was and how light the mask itself was also. The first night with them, I was blown away by how comfortable, cool, and adjustable they were. My main concern was whether it would actually block out all light fully and it performed perfectly.


This eye mask is extremely comfortable and convenient. It’s really comfortable to lay down with and play some music when trying to relax and it blocks out any light completely, which makes it easier to take naps in the daytime, which I love.


This eye mask is incredibly soft and very comfortable to wear. I could wear it all night long during sleep. Setting up the headphones was easy and only took me seconds to connect the headphones to my cell phone. The control buttons are just on the mask, so it’s convenient to play/pause the music or adjust the volume. The sound quality was good too. It is extremely useful for traveling, especially on a road trip or taking a long flight.


This mask is great... and this is coming from a claustrophobic girl who hates things on her face. I originally bought this for my boyfriend, who can only sleep when white noise is playing to drown out the city sounds, but I used it to drown out his snoring. The headphones are loud enough to block out the everyday noise but not so noise-canceling that you’d sleep through a fire drill. It’s the perfect level for using sleep apps and listening to audiobooks. The mask itself is super soft and not constricting at all. The setup is simple and the control panel is easy to use.


This is my first pair and it works great! They are soft and cushioned. They block the light well.